Before sending us your queries, please take the time to read this, as your question may already be addressed here. Thank you!

  1. What’s Secluded Haystack and how do I reach the site? / How do I submit to the Haystack?
    The Secluded Haystack is the place where we store all of the confessions that were too long to publish. It’s an extension of our little blog where longer confessions are posted in the form of drabbles. In fact, they are less of a confession and more of a reader-insert fan fiction. All information, rules, and how to submit can be found here.
  2. What kind of dirty content do you accept for Secluded Haystack? Which characters do you accept?
    Our rules for your drabbles are the same as we have for our general confessions. As for the characters, we will only accept Assassin and Templar characters, either playable or non-playable. Since the world of Assassin’s Creed is huge (and is getting bigger with each passing year), we have decided to limit the entries we can accept to make it more manageable for us.
  3. What kind of format do you accept for Secluded Haystack?
    We allow first person point-of-view, second person POV, and third person POV. As long as it’s a reader insert, POVs don’t matter.
  4. I wrote my drabble in another language. Do you accept non-English submissions?
    We will happily publish your drabbles in another language. However, we do require an English translation, as this is the common language we use for this blog.
  5. How long does it take for a drabble to be posted?
    It depends on the amount of drabbles in queue, as well as the time it takes to edit and process your drabbles to the site.
  6. When and how many drabbles do you post?
    We post 1 drabble daily between 1700-2100 PST/PDT (5:00-9:00 PM, Pacific Standard/Daylight Time). If you don’t see anything posted, then it’s likely that we haven’t received one–or we’re currently in the process of editing one.
  7. I’m seeing mostly male character/female reader submissions on the Haystack. May I submit a drabble that has male character/male reader, female character/female reader?
    Yes; we will very much welcome drabbles that have all kinds of gender identities and sexualities.
  8. But I want it gender neutral. May I submit one?
    Very much so! As stated, we are open to all kinds of identities and sexualities. If you are unsure about how to write one, our previous librarian and editor of your Haystack entries, Rosa (hypatiathelibrarian), has written a very handy guide on how to write gender neutral characters.
  9. You say you use a script to enable us to personalize drabbles. Do we need to do something special to our drabbles?
    We only want you to add a general placeholder like (Your Name) or (Your Eye Color). We will do the rest. 😉
  10. How many number of words do you accept? And what happens if we submit something that is over the limit?
    The word count we require for the Haystack is between 600-10,000 words. If the application you’re using to write your drabble with doesn’t have a built-in word count tool, then we highly recommend you use the Word Counter.Net. If your drabble’s word count is over the limit, then we will do our best to edit it. However, if we are unable to do so, we will send it back to you and request that you cut it down.
  11. May we submit a drabble with multiple parts then?
    Of course! If your complete idea is more then 10,000 words you can submit it in multiple parts.
  12. I have a fan fic I wrote elsewhere, but I want to share it in Secluded Haystack. Is this allowed?
    Yes! Again, as long as it doesn’t violate our general confessions rules, then we will accept it! Please bear in mind, however, that the word count limit will still be enforced. In the event that your fan fiction has more than the word count limit, then we will post a preview and link it to the page where you uploaded your fan fic (which you can do on your own Tumblr,, Archive of Our Own, etc).
  13. What if my fan fic isn’t all just smutty or erotic?
    As long your overall fan fic’s rating is Mature (light NC-17 content i.e., not too graphic sex) or Explicit (hard NC-17 content ie., extreme graphic sex), then we will accept it. However, please take note that as this is a dirty confessions blog, we will only highlight the dirty parts.
  14. Do you only accept reader inserts for the Haystack? May I not submit two AC characters doing the dirty?
    Yes, we only accept reader inserts. We decided to make this a reader-only special. However, please be reminded that we DO accept 2 (or 3…or 10…) AC characters in our general confessions box.
  15. I really want to write something for the Haystack, but I don’t know how! I don’t think I can write erotica! D:
    We’ve all been there, don’t worry! But you won’t go anywhere unless you take that one step, right? We can only give you tools to aid you in your writing process. First, please read this guide to writing sex scenes. We also recommend that you read Rosa’s (@hypatiathelibraian) guide to writing dialogue and transitions. If you find these guides lacking, then Google is your friend! The Internet is at your fingertips, and you will find many writing guides out there.
  16. I’m not a writer and I don’t think I can write at all/I don’t see drabbles about this particular character. May I send requests for the other writers to take? Or can you write something for me?
    Sorry, but we are no longer accepting them. Please be aware that we and these writers are in no obligation to respond to your request. And we must stress that if the Haystack frustrates you for its lack of content, then please try to alleviate this problem by taking it upon yourself to write something for us. Your drabble doesn’t need to be long–as mentioned, the Haystack’s minimum word count is 600 words. If you have already sent in a confession to us, then you’re already halfway there! Make your dreams a reality! Never give up!

We also ask that you please send your requests to the Assassin’s Creed Kink meme from now on, as that website is dedicated to taking requests and filling said requests. We also encourage you to help fill many of the unfilled prompts on that website, by learning how to write–we all have to start somewhere! Remember, if you need any help on getting started, we admins are always here to guide you on that.

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